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CD and DVD burning software has been a mainstay of computers since the earliest CD burners came on the market in the late 1990s. Since the earliest days of CD burning, Nero Burning ROM has been one of the most popular products available.

While flash storage has increased in popularity, CDs and DVDs are still valuable form of storage. Nero Burning ROM is used by many companies to store long-term backups, and the cheap cost of blank media makes this option the most affordable for many businesses. What sets Nero Burning ROM apart from competitors, however, is how customizable it is.

Nero is not the easier CD/DVD burning program on the market, but it has capabilities others cannot match. Some drives cannot run well at full speed, and Nero allows users to select a lower speed. Further, Nero supports a number of file formats that are uncommon but still useful for many companies. This configurability make Nero the go-to option for companies that these advanced features.

This configurability is not, however, and impediment. Users can save their customizations to use as default settings in the future. For those using Nero as a backup program, this allows them to establish their backup routines easily and not have to re-implement their customizations every time the program is run.

Another area where Nero surpasses its competition is its functionality unrelated to burning media. Nero has encoding features that allow it to transfer an audio or data CD to the hard drive in a number of different formats. It can also record live media directly to CD, enabling performers to capture their activities and have an instant recording.

While some users and businesses may be able to get by with programs featuring less options, Nero stands out for those who need a powerful, configurable burning program.

Nero Burning ROM is a software program that was designed in order to be able to burn all formats of files from Blu-Ray, CD, and DVD. According to everyone that has used it, the only downside to this program is the fact that the installation process is a little long compared to other programs like it. Some of the benefits to having this software are the fact that it has an excellent burning quality. It has a lot of advanced tools for you to use, and it supports SecurDisc. Other than just burning new media, you can also use it to erase rewritable discs.


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